Friday, June 5, 2015

What to do with over-ripened bananas?

I always end up with black bananas! Kids are into them when I first buy a batch but without fail one or two goes uneaten.  Doesn't matter the quantity, it's like they love not eating the last two or three. Plus, I'm not a big banana fan myself. What's a momma to do?

Freeze them! Yup, that's the trick. Started doing that recently. Now I have a ton of frozen overrippend black bananas.

Of course bananas can be enjoyed in so many forms and turns out there's tons of great uses for over-ripend bananas, too. Check out the fun list below and come back to tell us what recipe you tried and loved!

1. Blend them: turn those bananas into a yummy green smoothie! Recipe I recently tried: rice milk, cinnamon, kale, bananas and strawberries. Those soggy black edges blend right in.

2. Make Frozen Goodness: slice the banana as carefully as possible or simply mush into little banana balls, coat with melted chocolate and garnish with chopped peanuts, almonds or walnuts. Freeze these and you're all set for bitesized goodness!

3. Bake up a storm: this is a go -o for many folks hoping to use up overripe bananas. Pick your favorite recipes for banana bread or muffins and throw these puppies right in!

4. Make a YUMMY breakfast: mix your bananas into any pancake or waffle batter and add chocolate chips! So good and your kids will love it.

5. Drink Up: blend your bananas into a frozen liquor concoction. Nowadays there are so many flavored vodkas to combine with fresh fruit. Just think coconut banana frozen cocktails... Delicious drinks coming right up! 

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