Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Ferocious Fives

My youngest just turned 5 years old. My husband and I high-fived because we had made it through the toddler stage and were now in full kid stage. We celebrated way too soon. Even though our 5 year old is independent and can do most things on her own she has started a whole new phase. At 5 years old she has started throwing temper tantrums....

like a lot of them.....

like daily.

Do not let this face fool you.

If you tell her "no" or "it's time to go" or "go brush your teeth" she immediately goes to failing around yelling and crying. We really thought we were past this stage in her life. Instead they have become much more frequent and more intense and harder to control. Maybe it's because she's 5 and smarter. Either way they are awful and I needed to go back to my books and figure out the best ways to deal with them.

1. The best thing I can do in these situations is ignore it. Just pretend it's not happening and then after it's over pretend it never happened. Like that Spring Break in Rosarito, you never speak of again. When my kid is in the midst of her tantrum she is literally out of her mind. Nothing I say is going to calm her down. I need to remember that how we react will determine if the tantrums continue. If we get angry then the tantrums will just keep coming and most likely get worse.

2. There are some situations when you don't have time to ignore what's happening. 

My kids tends to throw a fit when it's time to go. My husband is trying to get the kids out the door to drop them off to me so he can get to work. In these situations the best defense is a distraction. By redirecting her attention to something else we can get the crying to stop and we can all MOVE ON WITH OUR LIVES! 

3. Understand why she might be throwing a tantrum. Is she tired, hungry, overwhelmed? Like some people maybe all she needs is a nap. Or like some people, maybe she is just being an asshole.

4. Then of course we need to remember to take a play out of Ari Gold's playbook and when it is all said it done....

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