Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Duggar Interview

Like a lot of people I was shocked to hear about Josh Duggar from the famous TLC show "19 Kids and Counting" had confessed to molesting 5 girls when he was a teenager. 2 of those girls were his sisters. As more information started being released I was disgusted with the whole incident. But nothing left me feeling more disgust than the Fox News interview with the parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Here is what I was left with after I watched the interview....

  • Both parents, throughout the entire interview seemed much more concerned about how Josh is feeling, how Josh is doing and how this whole incident has affected Josh. There was very little talk about the victims in this case. They did not talk much about their daughters who were molested by a family member. 
  • Josh came to his parents over and over again. It seemed like he was begging his parents for help. Instead of getting him the help he needed they practically swept it under the rug until the molestation happened to someone outside of the family. How in the world does this make the daughters feel? They forced their daughters to live in the same house as the person who molested them. How are they suppose to feel safe? 
  • The molestation had happened over and over again over the course of years. The parents knew it was happening and yet it took them a very long time to go to the police. If they would have gone to the police right away they could have saved other girls like the babysitter from molestation and a lifetime of issues that will come with that. 
  • The Duggar parents discussed "safeguards" that were put into place after the first time Josh confessed to them. They mentioned things like the kids were not allowed to be in rooms alone together and younger kids were not allowed to sit on older kids laps. This must have made a very strange dynamic in the house. They mention that they kept an eye on the kids, but let's be honest here, 19 kids are impossible to watch all the time. 
  • They never brought up the ultra-conservative Christian lifestyle that they are raising their children in and if that had anything to do with Josh's actions. Jim Bob mentions that he talked to other people and they had similar incidents in their family. I think it's safe to assume that the people that Jim Bob was comfortable enough to discuss this probably live the same lifestyle. 
  • They went ahead with the reality show after all this happened because they thought it was behind them. Did they really believe that this would never surface? 
  • They interview ended with Michelle Duggar finally showed some anger. She was angry because Josh's privacy was compromised because someone leaked the story. She wanted justice to be served for her son. Not for her daughters. 
You can see the full interview here..... 

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