Monday, June 22, 2015

Movie Review: Inside Out by Pixar

This is one of those kids movies that has so much hype and potential. I literally took my kids to the first showing of the day. The theatre itself looked shut down and all the employees were walking zombies. An 8 am shift will do that to teenagers.

Eagerly we bought our tickets and loaded up on popcorn and drinks. Eagerly we found our seats. Eagerly, I waited and waited for this movie to get going... get better... deliver. 

Sadly, it didn't.

This movie is okay and a definite rental flick. Great actors and voices, but the theme was too basic. The story didn't take fun new twists or turns. Everything in this one parents and students have seen before. 

In fact, the best parts of this movie are all in the trailer. I thoroughly dislike when that happens. My three kiddos seemed to like it but even they didn't bounce out of the theatre talking about all their favorite scenes like they have after watching other animated hits!

I was pretty bummed with this Pixar movie and all the hype. Though I will say the short film shown right before the main feature was actually pretty darn cute and entertaining. 

Check out a glimpse: 


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