Thursday, June 18, 2015

Leave my burger alone!

Fast food burger chains do everything under the sun to compete with one another, but I never thought I'd see these...
These four Burger King burgers launched in Japan in 2012, and right before July 4th 2015, the red burger (bottom right) will launch here in the U.S. Now, I'm not one to eat many fast food "fad" burgers, but that doesn't mean I don't have an opinion. 

When I first noticed Carl Jr's latest craze, The American Burger, it was in one of their infamous ads. Truthfully, I was grossed out at the thought of it, but Carl's continues to introduce these burgers while upping the wow factor, and someone must be eating them, many someones.

I can only image the artificial flavors and colors that go into creating these outrageous burgers. Now with Burger King experimenting with colorful cheese and buns, I'm certain this can't be right. There's an entire world of wild burgers and in the U.S. we're surrounded by these options. 

I opt-out personally, but wonder, do you? Or are you a fan of the odd burger craze? Tell us why. 

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