Friday, June 19, 2015

Is Father's Day Just for Fathers? 2 Sides of the Fence

The With Father's Day this weekend Angel Soft came out with a Father's Day ad, but with a twist. This video is a tribute to single Moms.

This seems to be a new trend on Father's Day, giving a shout out to single Moms. And it has become kind of a heated topic. Lets look at the two side...

OF COURSE: Single moms are doing the work of 2 people. She works twice as hard as other Moms. She had to do all those things that are traditionally a "dad's job". Single moms are badass women. Many work full-time, juggle kid's schedules, and keep up a house. We should bow down to them and they should be praised and celebrated as often as possible. A single mom stepped up and took on the role of dad too. Many single moms are fixing sinks, teaching the perfect free-throw and showing a young man how to shave. She does all this even though she didn't have to so she should be celebrated on Father's Day.

NOPE:  Doesn't this take away from the dads that are celebrating the day and kind of belittle a dad's role in the family? Even kids who were raised by a single mom usually have some kind of family father figure that can be celebrated. This day can be for grandfathers, uncles or even older brothers. Also by saying that mom had to be both mom and dad, are we saying children must have both genders to be raised well? What is this saying about gay or lesbian couples? There are lots of good dads out there and we should let them have their day. Moms have Mother's day to celebrate everything they do and if someone wants to celebrate their single parent there is a Single Parents day in March. 

What side are you on? 

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