Monday, June 1, 2015

Introducing.....Caitlyn Jenner

I think Caitlyn Jenner broke the internet today.

Not long after the famous Diane Sawyer interview, where Bruce Jenner relevaed to the world that he had been living his life as a lie, we are introduced to 'she'. His whole life he had felt as if he had been born in the wrong body and had always felt like a woman.

At the age of 65, after surgeries, a tell-all interview and with the support of his family Bruce Jenner has reemerged and today Vanity Fair magazine introduced the world to Caitlyn Jenner. I found it interesting that she decided to go with a 'C' and not a 'K'. Also I wonder if her son Brody Jenner is a bit weirded out that his parent and girlfriend have the same name?

Wow! This is a stunning photo and Caitlyn Jenner is a beautiful woman who looks comfortable in her own skin. I applaud Ms. Jenner for not just being true to herself but for doing it in the spotlight. Ms. Jenner could have just up and left the spotlight and lived out her life without the world ever having to know she was once Bruce Jenner. Instead she choose to put her journey out there for the public to see. We have followed this journey from the rumors to today's big reveal. This is a very courageous and important step for the trans-gendered community.

Congratulations Caitlyn Jenner. 

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