Friday, June 12, 2015

Grad Gifts They're Sure to Love

You've probably already attending a grad or two with even more on the horizon. This weekend is usually the time UC schools host their commencement ceremonies. If you have one to attend, or simply need to catch up and get a recent grad a gift, try something from this list:

1. Engraved anything: a nice journal is a good choice for this first option, or even a leather case that holds a standard notepad. This is great for job interviews. Consider using something descriptive from the grads recent alma mater and engrave alumni over the emblem or crest.  

2. Subscriptions to online tools for academic resources, the job search or workforce: pay for their first year of anything useful to a new professional. Might seem insignificant, but for a recent college grad or high schooler they'll need all the tools they can get to succeed on the next leg of their journey. Think tutoring site for younger grads.

3. School gear: has your recent college or high school graduate chosen their next destination to continue their education? How fun is it to receive your first college sweater? This is a great grad gift at any age! Middle schoolers would even love spirit gear from their high school. 

4. Adventure/Excursion: reward them after all that schooling stress. This could be as simple as a gift card for bowling or mini-golf for younger kids and as elaborate as a weekend in Vegas for a college grad. Everyone appreciates receiving gifts that lead to fun. Get creative and don't necessarily break the bank.

5. Cold hard cash: Cha-Ching. You can never go wrong with money, but it can be impersonal, so give it along with a lot of great ways to spend it and list ideas 1-4 from this post!

What gifts did you give this grad season???

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