Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Friend Therapy

Friendships, real honest-to-goodness ones, change our lives for the better. But friendships take work. To be active in any friendship means to call, text and visit. However, sometimes once careers and families take over, we don't always make the time for quality time with friends.

There's so much value in spending time with friends and one of the most important is Friend Therapy. If you have great relationships with friends then no matter the amount of time that has gone by since you last spoke, when you come together, happiness and laughter take over. 

The elevated levels of feel-good love and laughter are good for a person -- mind, body and soul. So if you're feeling blue or unmotivated plan a girls night with great friends. After an evening a good old fashion friend-bonding you're spirits are lifted and zest for life reinvigorated.

Might seem basic, but without stopping to enjoy girls nights and a little fun then we're missing out on Friend Therapy.! Over the weekend, I spent an amazing weekend with 6 of my closest gal pals. Days later I'm still on cloud nine smiling about the good times, but I'm also oddly calm. I'm in such a good head space and all because friendship bonding took me out of my usual routine, created only laughter and fun and reminded me of what a great life I have because of my friends and so much more!

So get out there and make it a habit of spending quality time, with quality people. It's great therapy! 

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