Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Exercise Hacks

Now, you know there's never really a way to hack exercising. It's a necessary aspect of life and yet most avoid it at all cost. With that said, I've recently experienced an unusually time consuming week and yet there was still four unique opportunities to workout. Proving there's always time to work out, if you're really willing to do the work.

Last week my in-laws, hubby and a gal-pal all started a fitness challenge (that's the first hack to create success = make it a team effort). We had to each pitch in $50 bucks which we either all spend on a lavish dinner once three months of work outs are completed or we get booted from the challenge (without our initial investment) if we don't manage to work out at least 4 times every week. And we must send photographic proof:

Did I already mention I had an unusually busy workweek? Stayed late at the office multiple times, had school commitments and family responsibilities galore. I was incredibly busy. So my first workout for this challenge was to complete an at-home kickboxing video. Everyone should use this method. Having a handy go to video ensures you fall back on at least this workout to never miss the moment of activity. 

Next, there's always spare time, always. Last week I was working a 10 hour day plus heading to a wedding immediately after work. It felt like squeezing in workout time was impossible. As I was about to sit down to proof read a work assignment it dawned on me this was a great time to power walk and jog. What a great use of time this was. Keep a pair of sneakers in your car 24/7 and just like I did, make an exercise moment out of your usual work breaks.

My third workout for the week was a long and semi rigorous hike with my beautiful family. Folks often don't care to sacrifice family time for gym time, so when you can marry the two. This hike wasn't easy but it was perfect. Two plus hours of walking, talking and even a fun game of hide and seek to get our blood-flowing. This on top of having to carry tired toddlers at the end of our hike.

Finally, I danced! Sunday 11pm came around and I still needed one workout for the week. I was barely going to muster the courage to roll out of bed, I surely wouldn't make it outside for a run (and at this hr.) This is where my son's Wii game collection comes in handy. I performed a nonstop 30 mins. of dancing to get a true sweat on. This is an exercise hack at its funnest.

So there you have it, 4 workouts in one week and not one included my gym/gym membership. So get out there and hack exercise. No matter how busy you are, it can and should get DONE!

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