Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ernest and Celestine

In our house we like to have family movie nights. And since we are on summer vacation we have been having them a few times a week. Our movies usually come from Netflix or Amazon Prime. The other night Amazon Prime recommended we watch "Ernest and Celestine". I was tired of searching for something we all could agree on and made the executive decision to watch it. I am so glad I did. This immediately became one of my favorite animated films ever.

This is a 2012 French film based on a popular childrens series by Belgian author Gabrielle Vincent. The story is about a sweet little orphan mouse who all her life has been told to stay away from the big bad mean bears. Sweet Celestine doesn't understand why and when she meets Ernest, instead of being terrified she is sweet to him and wants to be friends. Ernest is a big down on his luck bear who wants nothing to do with little mice. Especially little girl mice. But when Celestine comes to his rescue he finds that he is stuck with her.

Ernest and Celestine end up being wanted by both the bear and the mouse police and go on the lam. They hide out for the winter in of course become best friends despite what society tells them.

On a personal note I love the juxtaposition of a big burly bear and sweet girlie mouse. It reminded me so much of my big burly bearded husband and how sweet he is with our little sweet girls. 

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