Thursday, June 25, 2015

Defending Boy Bands and Those Who Love Them

The boy band fandom gene is strong in my family. From my Mom's love of The Monkee's, to my borderline obsession with New Kids on the Block, to my little sister's infatuation with N'Sync and now my 10-year old daughter's love for 5 Seconds of Summer. All these generations have spent hours pouring over Tiger Beat and Bop magazines. We decorated our walls with posters and we listened to the same 10 songs over and over again. We bought the Christmas albums, action figures, jean jackets, and screamed our heads off at big stadium concerts. 

Falling for a boy band gave me my own sense of identity. For the first time I had my own music. The time that we fall for our first boy band is about the same time where we become pre-teens and are searching for our own selves. We gave into the over produced pop sound and defended their honor to anyone who tried to put them down. I really think that loving boy bands helped to teach me loyalty. Over 20 years later and I still love those 5 guys from Boston. In fact the first concert my kids went to was a NKOTB concert. 

Now that I am the parent and I think I will go crazy if I hear that "amnesia" song by 5SOS one more time, but I get it. I just put on my headphones and blast the "Hangin' Tough" album. #NKOTBFOREVER

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