Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dear Donald Trump...

What era is this? Do you really think you can become president of the U.S. using a bigot platform. The U.S. was built on the backs of minorities. Doesn't matter the skin color, each minority group faced injustice to build this nation. Some paid a larger price than others, but all paid a painful price.

Minority groups fought hard for equality with many dying for what they believed in. I'd say their struggle gives underrepresented groups the right to live freely in the country they built without feeling judged, blamed, and demoralized.

I am a proud Mexican-American who almost chuckled at your racist rant over Mexican/American border issues. I thought for sure this was some hidden camera prank and soon you'd laugh and yell "gotcha!" The comic relief never came.

Mr. Trump, you truly feel that "Mexicans are drug dealers and rapists." Oh, Donald, how did these hardworking Latinos (who come from countless diverse backgrounds, not just Mexico), who built your towers, rented your properties, and labored away, have enough time to build, rent and work hard while also raping and dealing drugs? Your ignorance is hysterical, but more critically, it's downright depressing and unwarranted.

You don't deserve to be the president of our evolving nation. We're not a perfect nation, but we're growing. We're shifting as we change laws that spark equality in marriage and grant fair access to education for all. Your take on who Mexicans are is everything that is wrong with our country. A country still struggling to understand that ALL black lives matter and that the majority of immigrants come from all nations to prosper and contribute, not murder and rape

So like Univision and NBC, I agree, you're not worthy of airtime, or any more time on this post... you're FIRED!


The artist Becky G just put her 2 cents in with this short song...

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