Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cleaning Tunes

When I was little nothing made me hide out in my bedroom faster then hearing my Mom put classical music on her radio. As soon as those first few notes of Beethoven or Chopin hit my ears I made a beeline for my room in hopes that my Mom would not see me and realize I was home doing nothing.


Because when the classical tunes started it meant that Mom was in cleaning the house mode. And if she knew that I was home she would find some job for me to do.

I realized the other weekend that I not only have cleaning tunes, but certain music for certain rooms of the house. When it comes to light cleaning like dishes and wiping down counters I like to listen to some good ol early 2000's pop punk rock. Think bands like New Found Glory, Blink 182, Sum 41, Simple Plan, Something Corporate and Mest.

But when it comes to heavy duty cleaning like scrubbing the tub or mopping, my go-to is 90's hip-hop. That's right! You will find me with gloves on and some scrubbing bubbles with Tupac talking about "California Love" or you can find me in the dining room with my Shark wet mop rapping along with some Notorious B.I.G blasting in the background. "Now we sip champagne when were thirsty."

In fact, if I am cleaning with heavy chemicals then I even look the gangster rapper part.

So we want to know, what music is blasting throughout your house when you are cleaning? 

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