Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Beat electronics... one art project at a time!

We recently moved into a new home where we did nothing with our den space. Why? All along my husband envisioned a huge table, shelves with books and art supplies as well as other tools to be creative! 

He's been dreaming about what he calls a project room less because he's artistically creative and more because it's a way to engage our children in non-electronic activities. 

Phase one of this project came together over the weekend when he enlisted a carpenter to create a large custom table and kid-friendly bench...

We were ready to go, and less than 24 hours later, my hubby was setting up a painting on canvas workshop for our kids...

This idea was a huge hit! It was as simple as a trip to Michaels and we were ready to paint. 

Essentials you'll need: small easels and canvases, paint brushes, tiny paint palattes and paint! You'll also want a table cloth to protect your work space!

In the end, my husband had a wonderful time instructing our three children while I had a blast making a mess with them. More importantly, our kids completely loved this activity. Their smiles stretched ear to ear all night.

Better yet, this was hours of fun with no-TV or iPad in sight. After our canvas paintings were set aside to dry, we provided markers and a large roll of butcher paper for our children to continue drawing. Not one of them lost interest and this was family bonding at its best.

This is one wonderful option of many to beat electronics... one art project at a time! 

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