Thursday, June 11, 2015

A New Fascinating Time Suck

 Today I watched live, Oprah stress out about an outdoor party she was throwing in the middle of a summer storm. She was determined to have a good time. Also she had an official umbrella holder. I also watched live Burt Kriesher waking up in Hawaii after what he claimed to be "the best night of his life". I also watched some random guy in Brazil go to McDonalds. I did this all from my iPhone screen thanks to a new app I am kind of obsessed with called Periscope.

This app is connected with Twitter and allows people to stream live video to anyone, anywhere. People who are watching can leave comments that the person streaming sees right on their phone. You sign up with your twitter account and then you are taken to a map showing where in the world people are live streaming. These little videos are not saved and are only seen live. These videos are very random and over the last few days I have watched cooking tutorial and interviews with actors and musicians and even just someone driving to work. This all may sound mundane and boring but watching a normal person do regular old things in another country is fascinating to me. One guy was chilling in his backyard in London and ended his stream because he had to go in for tea. Like it was legitimately tea time.

I was surprised to see how many company's, media outlets and celebrities are using Periscope to reach their audience. Its quick, easy and most of the time unfiltered and real.

Does the Periscope app interest you or is it just another way to waste your time? 

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