Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dear Donald Trump...

What era is this? Do you really think you can become president of the U.S. using a bigot platform. The U.S. was built on the backs of minorities. Doesn't matter the skin color, each minority group faced injustice to build this nation. Some paid a larger price than others, but all paid a painful price.

Minority groups fought hard for equality with many dying for what they believed in. I'd say their struggle gives underrepresented groups the right to live freely in the country they built without feeling judged, blamed, and demoralized.

I am a proud Mexican-American who almost chuckled at your racist rant over Mexican/American border issues. I thought for sure this was some hidden camera prank and soon you'd laugh and yell "gotcha!" The comic relief never came.

Mr. Trump, you truly feel that "Mexicans are drug dealers and rapists." Oh, Donald, how did these hardworking Latinos (who come from countless diverse backgrounds, not just Mexico), who built your towers, rented your properties, and labored away, have enough time to build, rent and work hard while also raping and dealing drugs? Your ignorance is hysterical, but more critically, it's downright depressing and unwarranted.

You don't deserve to be the president of our evolving nation. We're not a perfect nation, but we're growing. We're shifting as we change laws that spark equality in marriage and grant fair access to education for all. Your take on who Mexicans are is everything that is wrong with our country. A country still struggling to understand that ALL black lives matter and that the majority of immigrants come from all nations to prosper and contribute, not murder and rape

So like Univision and NBC, I agree, you're not worthy of airtime, or any more time on this post... you're FIRED!


The artist Becky G just put her 2 cents in with this short song...

Monday, June 29, 2015

5 to 4 and Justice For All

On Friday I logged into Facebook and was like.....

That morning the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in favor of marriage equality. That means that in all 50 states same-sex couples can be married with all the rights as any other married couple.

This is a victory for humankind. We are finally treating all humans like humans. We are not allowing one religious view control all US Citizens. I believe in marriage. I love marriage and what it stands for -- anyone in love should have the right to a beautiful life together.


Friday, June 26, 2015

Happy Sex Life

Perhaps I'm married to your typical guy, but he loves sex. Luckily, he's totally crazy about me and I've felt desired since he first laid his kinky eyes on me over a decade ago. It's thrilling to feel desired, but that doesn't mean I am automatically drawn to constant intimacy.

If you're someone like me who means well but doesn't always get around to doing the deed here are some fun and must-do tips to keep a happy sex life going:

1. Pencil it in. Not spontaneous sure, but at least it's happening. Besides it's easy to plan sex in in a way that is sexier than writing it on your to-do list. In this day and age you can send a sexy text describing exactly what your lover is in for. Not only is this exciting to them, but they sure as heck won't let you back down. So no matter how tired you are, you should be reved-up by your partner who is surely excited at this point. The important point here... don't text anything you're not actually willing to follow through on. Big no, no there.

2. Don't give in to lame excuses. There's nothing less sexy than a woman (or man) who claims they're tired, have a headache, or for women, it's that time of the month and really it isn't. Too many of these excuses and your partner is sure to pick up on your lack of desire. If you find yourself avoiding intimacy and making excuses something deeper is at play and you owe it to yourself to get answers. Maybe you're not satisfied by your current sex life or maybe you're self-conscious of your own body? The reasons are plentiful, but whatever it is, communicate with your partner. It might be awkward, but it's 1000% worth it. Now, for the fun part, what if you really do have a headache? Do something different in the bedroom - give each other messages, find a way to relax and connect and be honest... express a desire for a sex-less, but intimate night nonetheless. Set the mood and connect by touch, with words or beautiful scents and sounds (candles, music). 

3. Stop wasting time. Your lover won't be young forever. Maybe we think there's all the time in the world to get it right. Well, flip that script and tell yourself time is escaping you. A beautiful sex life and session of lovemaking should never wait.  Plus, it's an honor to have the love and intimacy so many crave, so get after it and devour your partner one beautiful night at a time. With this in mind, you might find yourself being more spontaneous or adventurous in the bedroom. And there's the next fun idea... experiment, mix things up, and don't be too bashful to try something new. 

Need a little inspiration? Check out this quote from an article called The Art of the Tease: 

"Great sex is derived from out-of-control frustration, heaps of joy, thrilling recklessness, vehement disagreement (and yes love, of course), anything that pulls the passion out of you. Otherwise sex is as empty as a reality TV show — something to numb out to that you will forget 10 minutes after consuming."
With that said, go let off some stream and pour your frustrations, joy, recklessness and love all over your partner! 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Defending Boy Bands and Those Who Love Them

The boy band fandom gene is strong in my family. From my Mom's love of The Monkee's, to my borderline obsession with New Kids on the Block, to my little sister's infatuation with N'Sync and now my 10-year old daughter's love for 5 Seconds of Summer. All these generations have spent hours pouring over Tiger Beat and Bop magazines. We decorated our walls with posters and we listened to the same 10 songs over and over again. We bought the Christmas albums, action figures, jean jackets, and screamed our heads off at big stadium concerts. 

Falling for a boy band gave me my own sense of identity. For the first time I had my own music. The time that we fall for our first boy band is about the same time where we become pre-teens and are searching for our own selves. We gave into the over produced pop sound and defended their honor to anyone who tried to put them down. I really think that loving boy bands helped to teach me loyalty. Over 20 years later and I still love those 5 guys from Boston. In fact the first concert my kids went to was a NKOTB concert. 

Now that I am the parent and I think I will go crazy if I hear that "amnesia" song by 5SOS one more time, but I get it. I just put on my headphones and blast the "Hangin' Tough" album. #NKOTBFOREVER

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Friend Therapy

Friendships, real honest-to-goodness ones, change our lives for the better. But friendships take work. To be active in any friendship means to call, text and visit. However, sometimes once careers and families take over, we don't always make the time for quality time with friends.

There's so much value in spending time with friends and one of the most important is Friend Therapy. If you have great relationships with friends then no matter the amount of time that has gone by since you last spoke, when you come together, happiness and laughter take over. 

The elevated levels of feel-good love and laughter are good for a person -- mind, body and soul. So if you're feeling blue or unmotivated plan a girls night with great friends. After an evening a good old fashion friend-bonding you're spirits are lifted and zest for life reinvigorated.

Might seem basic, but without stopping to enjoy girls nights and a little fun then we're missing out on Friend Therapy.! Over the weekend, I spent an amazing weekend with 6 of my closest gal pals. Days later I'm still on cloud nine smiling about the good times, but I'm also oddly calm. I'm in such a good head space and all because friendship bonding took me out of my usual routine, created only laughter and fun and reminded me of what a great life I have because of my friends and so much more!

So get out there and make it a habit of spending quality time, with quality people. It's great therapy! 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ernest and Celestine

In our house we like to have family movie nights. And since we are on summer vacation we have been having them a few times a week. Our movies usually come from Netflix or Amazon Prime. The other night Amazon Prime recommended we watch "Ernest and Celestine". I was tired of searching for something we all could agree on and made the executive decision to watch it. I am so glad I did. This immediately became one of my favorite animated films ever.

This is a 2012 French film based on a popular childrens series by Belgian author Gabrielle Vincent. The story is about a sweet little orphan mouse who all her life has been told to stay away from the big bad mean bears. Sweet Celestine doesn't understand why and when she meets Ernest, instead of being terrified she is sweet to him and wants to be friends. Ernest is a big down on his luck bear who wants nothing to do with little mice. Especially little girl mice. But when Celestine comes to his rescue he finds that he is stuck with her.

Ernest and Celestine end up being wanted by both the bear and the mouse police and go on the lam. They hide out for the winter in of course become best friends despite what society tells them.

On a personal note I love the juxtaposition of a big burly bear and sweet girlie mouse. It reminded me so much of my big burly bearded husband and how sweet he is with our little sweet girls. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Movie Review: Inside Out by Pixar

This is one of those kids movies that has so much hype and potential. I literally took my kids to the first showing of the day. The theatre itself looked shut down and all the employees were walking zombies. An 8 am shift will do that to teenagers.

Eagerly we bought our tickets and loaded up on popcorn and drinks. Eagerly we found our seats. Eagerly, I waited and waited for this movie to get going... get better... deliver. 

Sadly, it didn't.

This movie is okay and a definite rental flick. Great actors and voices, but the theme was too basic. The story didn't take fun new twists or turns. Everything in this one parents and students have seen before. 

In fact, the best parts of this movie are all in the trailer. I thoroughly dislike when that happens. My three kiddos seemed to like it but even they didn't bounce out of the theatre talking about all their favorite scenes like they have after watching other animated hits!

I was pretty bummed with this Pixar movie and all the hype. Though I will say the short film shown right before the main feature was actually pretty darn cute and entertaining. 

Check out a glimpse: 


Friday, June 19, 2015

Is Father's Day Just for Fathers? 2 Sides of the Fence

The With Father's Day this weekend Angel Soft came out with a Father's Day ad, but with a twist. This video is a tribute to single Moms.

This seems to be a new trend on Father's Day, giving a shout out to single Moms. And it has become kind of a heated topic. Lets look at the two side...

OF COURSE: Single moms are doing the work of 2 people. She works twice as hard as other Moms. She had to do all those things that are traditionally a "dad's job". Single moms are badass women. Many work full-time, juggle kid's schedules, and keep up a house. We should bow down to them and they should be praised and celebrated as often as possible. A single mom stepped up and took on the role of dad too. Many single moms are fixing sinks, teaching the perfect free-throw and showing a young man how to shave. She does all this even though she didn't have to so she should be celebrated on Father's Day.

NOPE:  Doesn't this take away from the dads that are celebrating the day and kind of belittle a dad's role in the family? Even kids who were raised by a single mom usually have some kind of family father figure that can be celebrated. This day can be for grandfathers, uncles or even older brothers. Also by saying that mom had to be both mom and dad, are we saying children must have both genders to be raised well? What is this saying about gay or lesbian couples? There are lots of good dads out there and we should let them have their day. Moms have Mother's day to celebrate everything they do and if someone wants to celebrate their single parent there is a Single Parents day in March. 

What side are you on? 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Leave my burger alone!

Fast food burger chains do everything under the sun to compete with one another, but I never thought I'd see these...
These four Burger King burgers launched in Japan in 2012, and right before July 4th 2015, the red burger (bottom right) will launch here in the U.S. Now, I'm not one to eat many fast food "fad" burgers, but that doesn't mean I don't have an opinion. 

When I first noticed Carl Jr's latest craze, The American Burger, it was in one of their infamous ads. Truthfully, I was grossed out at the thought of it, but Carl's continues to introduce these burgers while upping the wow factor, and someone must be eating them, many someones.

I can only image the artificial flavors and colors that go into creating these outrageous burgers. Now with Burger King experimenting with colorful cheese and buns, I'm certain this can't be right. There's an entire world of wild burgers and in the U.S. we're surrounded by these options. 

I opt-out personally, but wonder, do you? Or are you a fan of the odd burger craze? Tell us why. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Chia Seeds. Not Just for Chia Pets Anymore.

What the heck is floating in your water?

I get that question a lot. The answer is chia seeds. Yup the same chia seeds that you use on these guys...

So why in the world would I add chia seeds to my water. Believe it or not chia seeds are kind of a secret super food. Well not so secret because the Aztecs and Mayan understood the important of the chia seed (those guys were always so on trend!) Those tiny little guys are filled with nutrients that are really good for your body and brain. Here is what is packed into 1 oz of chia seeds.
  • 4 grams of protein
  • 9 grams of fat, 5 of which are Omega-3's!
  • 18% of the recommended daily allowance in calcium
  • 30% of the recommended daily allowance in magnesium
  • 27% of the recommended daily allowance of phosphorus
They also are high in antioxidants and are 40% fiber by weight. They are one of the best sources of fiber in the world! They are also great to help you feel full longer. How? Well chia seeds can absorb up to 12 times their weight in water by becoming gel like and fill your stomach for longer. 

Chia seeds are really easy to incorporate into your daily meals. They don't really have a taste so you can sprinkle them into cereal, oatmeal, rice, ice cream, salads, muffins, really anything. Or you can just dump an ounce in your daily water. The gel-like seeds are kinda of like mini-bobas. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Why is Orange is the New Black such a big hit???

Wish I had a dollar for every time I heard someone tell me they were anxiously awaiting season three of OITNB! Everyone seems to love this show... everyone. Season 3 has been out only one weekend and many have already finished the entire season. A show worthy of captivating audiences hours on ends must be a good one, right? Well I think so, but I wonder how does this women's prison premise with so many tales of misfortune and crime lead so many FANS to love and even relate to these episodes?

If you're a fan, I'd love to hear your theory on why this is much a fan favorite series?  Make sure to comment below, but for now, let's begin with my theory:

Every single "criminal" at some point has their pre-prison lives featured in an episode.  In those storylines, their human side and struggles shine through. It's easy to relate to how circumstances of love, upbringing or dumb luck led these women prison. Doesn't matter if they were druggies, thieves or murderous villains - show characters develop from a place of vulnerability, heart ache, and often, feeling misunderstood. We can all relate to the ups and downs of life and how one wrong turn could severely change the course of a "normal" life.

Next, this show is so honest it's hilarious. It's refreshing via dialogue that connects every woman's journey regardless of personal backgrounds. The prison is filled with women of all ages, races, and upbringings that melt into one world of sadness and humor. There's everything from the affluent junkie with mommy issues, the hippie college kid that ends up thrown into jail because of her cause, there's the activist nun, drug smuggling lesbian, misunderstood yoga enthusiast, third-generation cholas and everything else you can think of married into a life of looking for second, third and fourth chances. 

Have you started binging on season three yet? Tell us why you love this show so much!

Monday, June 15, 2015

June is LGBT Pride Month: Talking with Your Kids about Gender

Thanks to Caitlyn Jenner and her Vanity Fair cover and the graphic novel "Drama" by Raina Telgemeier my 10 year old has been asking a lot of questions about gender and sexual identity.  Last week I saw this Facebook status update from my co-editor Irene...

As a parent it always feels good to know that I am not alone when it comes to the tough stuff.

The book Drama that my daughter is reading has a main character who is gay and my daughter asked what gay really meant. What was interesting to me was that the concept of a man loving another man or a woman loving another woman was not what confused her. She has grown up with that just being a normal part of her world. It was the fact that it had a name that was different than just say "person" was what confused her. She could not understand why there had to be a different label.

Discussing transgender was a bit more intense for me. When it comes to this big topics I want to get it right. I want to explain it in a way that my daughter can understand. I want her to be compassionate and open-minded. I asked her if she ever woke up thinking she was wrong. That what she felt like inside didn't match what she looked like outside. She thought about it and told me no. I explained that some people do, and they have to live their life feeling like that all day everyday.

I know that this was just the start of a lot of discussions about gender and sexual identity and I can only hope that I am going about it with facts and kindness. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Grad Gifts They're Sure to Love

You've probably already attending a grad or two with even more on the horizon. This weekend is usually the time UC schools host their commencement ceremonies. If you have one to attend, or simply need to catch up and get a recent grad a gift, try something from this list:

1. Engraved anything: a nice journal is a good choice for this first option, or even a leather case that holds a standard notepad. This is great for job interviews. Consider using something descriptive from the grads recent alma mater and engrave alumni over the emblem or crest.  

2. Subscriptions to online tools for academic resources, the job search or workforce: pay for their first year of anything useful to a new professional. Might seem insignificant, but for a recent college grad or high schooler they'll need all the tools they can get to succeed on the next leg of their journey. Think tutoring site for younger grads.

3. School gear: has your recent college or high school graduate chosen their next destination to continue their education? How fun is it to receive your first college sweater? This is a great grad gift at any age! Middle schoolers would even love spirit gear from their high school. 

4. Adventure/Excursion: reward them after all that schooling stress. This could be as simple as a gift card for bowling or mini-golf for younger kids and as elaborate as a weekend in Vegas for a college grad. Everyone appreciates receiving gifts that lead to fun. Get creative and don't necessarily break the bank.

5. Cold hard cash: Cha-Ching. You can never go wrong with money, but it can be impersonal, so give it along with a lot of great ways to spend it and list ideas 1-4 from this post!

What gifts did you give this grad season???

Thursday, June 11, 2015

A New Fascinating Time Suck

 Today I watched live, Oprah stress out about an outdoor party she was throwing in the middle of a summer storm. She was determined to have a good time. Also she had an official umbrella holder. I also watched live Burt Kriesher waking up in Hawaii after what he claimed to be "the best night of his life". I also watched some random guy in Brazil go to McDonalds. I did this all from my iPhone screen thanks to a new app I am kind of obsessed with called Periscope.

This app is connected with Twitter and allows people to stream live video to anyone, anywhere. People who are watching can leave comments that the person streaming sees right on their phone. You sign up with your twitter account and then you are taken to a map showing where in the world people are live streaming. These little videos are not saved and are only seen live. These videos are very random and over the last few days I have watched cooking tutorial and interviews with actors and musicians and even just someone driving to work. This all may sound mundane and boring but watching a normal person do regular old things in another country is fascinating to me. One guy was chilling in his backyard in London and ended his stream because he had to go in for tea. Like it was legitimately tea time.

I was surprised to see how many company's, media outlets and celebrities are using Periscope to reach their audience. Its quick, easy and most of the time unfiltered and real.

Does the Periscope app interest you or is it just another way to waste your time? 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Exercise Hacks

Now, you know there's never really a way to hack exercising. It's a necessary aspect of life and yet most avoid it at all cost. With that said, I've recently experienced an unusually time consuming week and yet there was still four unique opportunities to workout. Proving there's always time to work out, if you're really willing to do the work.

Last week my in-laws, hubby and a gal-pal all started a fitness challenge (that's the first hack to create success = make it a team effort). We had to each pitch in $50 bucks which we either all spend on a lavish dinner once three months of work outs are completed or we get booted from the challenge (without our initial investment) if we don't manage to work out at least 4 times every week. And we must send photographic proof:

Did I already mention I had an unusually busy workweek? Stayed late at the office multiple times, had school commitments and family responsibilities galore. I was incredibly busy. So my first workout for this challenge was to complete an at-home kickboxing video. Everyone should use this method. Having a handy go to video ensures you fall back on at least this workout to never miss the moment of activity. 

Next, there's always spare time, always. Last week I was working a 10 hour day plus heading to a wedding immediately after work. It felt like squeezing in workout time was impossible. As I was about to sit down to proof read a work assignment it dawned on me this was a great time to power walk and jog. What a great use of time this was. Keep a pair of sneakers in your car 24/7 and just like I did, make an exercise moment out of your usual work breaks.

My third workout for the week was a long and semi rigorous hike with my beautiful family. Folks often don't care to sacrifice family time for gym time, so when you can marry the two. This hike wasn't easy but it was perfect. Two plus hours of walking, talking and even a fun game of hide and seek to get our blood-flowing. This on top of having to carry tired toddlers at the end of our hike.

Finally, I danced! Sunday 11pm came around and I still needed one workout for the week. I was barely going to muster the courage to roll out of bed, I surely wouldn't make it outside for a run (and at this hr.) This is where my son's Wii game collection comes in handy. I performed a nonstop 30 mins. of dancing to get a true sweat on. This is an exercise hack at its funnest.

So there you have it, 4 workouts in one week and not one included my gym/gym membership. So get out there and hack exercise. No matter how busy you are, it can and should get DONE!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Ferocious Fives

My youngest just turned 5 years old. My husband and I high-fived because we had made it through the toddler stage and were now in full kid stage. We celebrated way too soon. Even though our 5 year old is independent and can do most things on her own she has started a whole new phase. At 5 years old she has started throwing temper tantrums....

like a lot of them.....

like daily.

Do not let this face fool you.

If you tell her "no" or "it's time to go" or "go brush your teeth" she immediately goes to failing around yelling and crying. We really thought we were past this stage in her life. Instead they have become much more frequent and more intense and harder to control. Maybe it's because she's 5 and smarter. Either way they are awful and I needed to go back to my books and figure out the best ways to deal with them.

1. The best thing I can do in these situations is ignore it. Just pretend it's not happening and then after it's over pretend it never happened. Like that Spring Break in Rosarito, you never speak of again. When my kid is in the midst of her tantrum she is literally out of her mind. Nothing I say is going to calm her down. I need to remember that how we react will determine if the tantrums continue. If we get angry then the tantrums will just keep coming and most likely get worse.

2. There are some situations when you don't have time to ignore what's happening. 

My kids tends to throw a fit when it's time to go. My husband is trying to get the kids out the door to drop them off to me so he can get to work. In these situations the best defense is a distraction. By redirecting her attention to something else we can get the crying to stop and we can all MOVE ON WITH OUR LIVES! 

3. Understand why she might be throwing a tantrum. Is she tired, hungry, overwhelmed? Like some people maybe all she needs is a nap. Or like some people, maybe she is just being an asshole.

4. Then of course we need to remember to take a play out of Ari Gold's playbook and when it is all said it done....

Friday, June 5, 2015

What to do with over-ripened bananas?

I always end up with black bananas! Kids are into them when I first buy a batch but without fail one or two goes uneaten.  Doesn't matter the quantity, it's like they love not eating the last two or three. Plus, I'm not a big banana fan myself. What's a momma to do?

Freeze them! Yup, that's the trick. Started doing that recently. Now I have a ton of frozen overrippend black bananas.

Of course bananas can be enjoyed in so many forms and turns out there's tons of great uses for over-ripend bananas, too. Check out the fun list below and come back to tell us what recipe you tried and loved!

1. Blend them: turn those bananas into a yummy green smoothie! Recipe I recently tried: rice milk, cinnamon, kale, bananas and strawberries. Those soggy black edges blend right in.

2. Make Frozen Goodness: slice the banana as carefully as possible or simply mush into little banana balls, coat with melted chocolate and garnish with chopped peanuts, almonds or walnuts. Freeze these and you're all set for bitesized goodness!

3. Bake up a storm: this is a go -o for many folks hoping to use up overripe bananas. Pick your favorite recipes for banana bread or muffins and throw these puppies right in!

4. Make a YUMMY breakfast: mix your bananas into any pancake or waffle batter and add chocolate chips! So good and your kids will love it.

5. Drink Up: blend your bananas into a frozen liquor concoction. Nowadays there are so many flavored vodkas to combine with fresh fruit. Just think coconut banana frozen cocktails... Delicious drinks coming right up! 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Duggar Interview

Like a lot of people I was shocked to hear about Josh Duggar from the famous TLC show "19 Kids and Counting" had confessed to molesting 5 girls when he was a teenager. 2 of those girls were his sisters. As more information started being released I was disgusted with the whole incident. But nothing left me feeling more disgust than the Fox News interview with the parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Here is what I was left with after I watched the interview....

  • Both parents, throughout the entire interview seemed much more concerned about how Josh is feeling, how Josh is doing and how this whole incident has affected Josh. There was very little talk about the victims in this case. They did not talk much about their daughters who were molested by a family member. 
  • Josh came to his parents over and over again. It seemed like he was begging his parents for help. Instead of getting him the help he needed they practically swept it under the rug until the molestation happened to someone outside of the family. How in the world does this make the daughters feel? They forced their daughters to live in the same house as the person who molested them. How are they suppose to feel safe? 
  • The molestation had happened over and over again over the course of years. The parents knew it was happening and yet it took them a very long time to go to the police. If they would have gone to the police right away they could have saved other girls like the babysitter from molestation and a lifetime of issues that will come with that. 
  • The Duggar parents discussed "safeguards" that were put into place after the first time Josh confessed to them. They mentioned things like the kids were not allowed to be in rooms alone together and younger kids were not allowed to sit on older kids laps. This must have made a very strange dynamic in the house. They mention that they kept an eye on the kids, but let's be honest here, 19 kids are impossible to watch all the time. 
  • They never brought up the ultra-conservative Christian lifestyle that they are raising their children in and if that had anything to do with Josh's actions. Jim Bob mentions that he talked to other people and they had similar incidents in their family. I think it's safe to assume that the people that Jim Bob was comfortable enough to discuss this probably live the same lifestyle. 
  • They went ahead with the reality show after all this happened because they thought it was behind them. Did they really believe that this would never surface? 
  • They interview ended with Michelle Duggar finally showed some anger. She was angry because Josh's privacy was compromised because someone leaked the story. She wanted justice to be served for her son. Not for her daughters. 
You can see the full interview here..... 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cleaning Tunes

When I was little nothing made me hide out in my bedroom faster then hearing my Mom put classical music on her radio. As soon as those first few notes of Beethoven or Chopin hit my ears I made a beeline for my room in hopes that my Mom would not see me and realize I was home doing nothing.


Because when the classical tunes started it meant that Mom was in cleaning the house mode. And if she knew that I was home she would find some job for me to do.

I realized the other weekend that I not only have cleaning tunes, but certain music for certain rooms of the house. When it comes to light cleaning like dishes and wiping down counters I like to listen to some good ol early 2000's pop punk rock. Think bands like New Found Glory, Blink 182, Sum 41, Simple Plan, Something Corporate and Mest.

But when it comes to heavy duty cleaning like scrubbing the tub or mopping, my go-to is 90's hip-hop. That's right! You will find me with gloves on and some scrubbing bubbles with Tupac talking about "California Love" or you can find me in the dining room with my Shark wet mop rapping along with some Notorious B.I.G blasting in the background. "Now we sip champagne when were thirsty."

In fact, if I am cleaning with heavy chemicals then I even look the gangster rapper part.

So we want to know, what music is blasting throughout your house when you are cleaning? 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Beat electronics... one art project at a time!

We recently moved into a new home where we did nothing with our den space. Why? All along my husband envisioned a huge table, shelves with books and art supplies as well as other tools to be creative! 

He's been dreaming about what he calls a project room less because he's artistically creative and more because it's a way to engage our children in non-electronic activities. 

Phase one of this project came together over the weekend when he enlisted a carpenter to create a large custom table and kid-friendly bench...

We were ready to go, and less than 24 hours later, my hubby was setting up a painting on canvas workshop for our kids...

This idea was a huge hit! It was as simple as a trip to Michaels and we were ready to paint. 

Essentials you'll need: small easels and canvases, paint brushes, tiny paint palattes and paint! You'll also want a table cloth to protect your work space!

In the end, my husband had a wonderful time instructing our three children while I had a blast making a mess with them. More importantly, our kids completely loved this activity. Their smiles stretched ear to ear all night.

Better yet, this was hours of fun with no-TV or iPad in sight. After our canvas paintings were set aside to dry, we provided markers and a large roll of butcher paper for our children to continue drawing. Not one of them lost interest and this was family bonding at its best.

This is one wonderful option of many to beat electronics... one art project at a time! 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Introducing.....Caitlyn Jenner

I think Caitlyn Jenner broke the internet today.

Not long after the famous Diane Sawyer interview, where Bruce Jenner relevaed to the world that he had been living his life as a lie, we are introduced to 'she'. His whole life he had felt as if he had been born in the wrong body and had always felt like a woman.

At the age of 65, after surgeries, a tell-all interview and with the support of his family Bruce Jenner has reemerged and today Vanity Fair magazine introduced the world to Caitlyn Jenner. I found it interesting that she decided to go with a 'C' and not a 'K'. Also I wonder if her son Brody Jenner is a bit weirded out that his parent and girlfriend have the same name?

Wow! This is a stunning photo and Caitlyn Jenner is a beautiful woman who looks comfortable in her own skin. I applaud Ms. Jenner for not just being true to herself but for doing it in the spotlight. Ms. Jenner could have just up and left the spotlight and lived out her life without the world ever having to know she was once Bruce Jenner. Instead she choose to put her journey out there for the public to see. We have followed this journey from the rumors to today's big reveal. This is a very courageous and important step for the trans-gendered community.

Congratulations Caitlyn Jenner.