Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tomorrowland: Movie Review

"Tomorrowland was awesome!" This according to my 8 year old. He mostly loved the futuristic scenes. The visuals were pretty cool if I say so myself. Citizens flying by via jet pack or visiting planets for fun thanks to high-speed rockets. Even the futuristic clothing was everything you'd image, both sleek and modern.

The future version of Disney's Main Street castle made me want to live long enough to see Disneyland circa 2099! This movie is all about time travel and moves along different eras with conflict faced throughout. Young kids will surely love this imaginative tale.

The downside of this film for this momma, was the way the story eventually dragged on. At some point, my little guy actually looked lost. Story does start strong and intriguing, so grade-schoolers and parents will enjoy it overall. 

To recap:

Pros: fun action scenes, intriguing story development, and George Clooney.

Cons: occasional long-winded dialogue, story doesn't finish as strong as it starts, and some scenes were slightly corny.

Overall, give this one a chance if you're a mother of imaginative grade-schoolers. Skip it if you're taking teens. All in all, the George Clooney eye-candy is a huge plus and the movie plot was positive and good for children!

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