Friday, May 22, 2015

Secret Menu Items

Most places have secret menu items, it just takes a little digging to know what to order and where.

At present, my kid is enjoying what's known as a big kid grilled cheese. This delicious sandwich is on the Panera Bread "secret" menu. This is actually one of my favorite secret menu gems consisting of a three cheese and bacon sandwich which is then heat-pressed with a layer of cheese melted on top!

Yum, yum, yum!

Other great secret items at my favorite spots include the captain crunch frap at Starbucks or the multitude of In-N-Out Burger secret menu choices e.g. adding sliced yellow peppers inside your burger, enjoying a protein style burger or simply ordering a grilled cheese and the Neapolitan shake.

And guess what? You can order a delicious serving of fully-loaded nachos at Chipotle Grill as well as fresh cilantro if you're in the mood! Now that sounds delicious. 

Share your hidden menu knowledge too by commenting below!

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