Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Meet My Daughter, Robert.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds likely had the most beautiful baby of 2015. Those two are drop dead gorgeous so there's really no way around procreating beauty. I'm excited to see their child's angelic face as soon as a photo surfaces. No sign of her yet, but what we did get was a name.

They named their daughter...


This is quite possibly the first female James I've heard of. At first, I didn't care for it, but I didn't quite understand why. What do you think of giving a girl a standard "boy name?" To me, it wasn't about the name itself. In fact, I love that her mother is Blake (also male typical). Something about Blake Lively always worked for me. James Reynolds however sounds like a talk show host from the seventies. That's just my take. 

Then there was Haylie Duff. She recently had a daughter and named her Ryan. Ryan Rosenburg: now that is a name! Though Ryan is also usually reserved for boys it seems to work for a little gal! 

Truth be told, names are names and personally I don't care much about the standard male or female assignment of a name but how it sounds. It would actually be ideal if we got to a point where all names are fair game! It would become societal norm to pick any name, for any child. Now that rings pretty well in my ear, too! 

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