Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Amazon Goes Gender Neutral

If there is one thing I really don't like to hear my daughters say it's...

"But that's not for girls"

Or even...

"That's not for boys"

Since they could talk I have always taught them that toys or even clothes are not gender specific. I have stressed that boys can play with Barbies and girls can play with toy cars. Despite my lectures, thanks to peers and the way that toys are being sold and displayed my kids can't seem to understand that toys are not specific to a gender.

Think about your last trip to Target and the toy section. They are very obvious in the way the aisles are separated. Their websites are designed the same way. Here is a screenshot of Target's website as of 5/11/15..

There are 2 sections that allow you to search for toys by gender. This was a pretty standard way of online shopping for most businesses. But Amazon decided to do something about it. They have made a small step in the right direction by eliminating the gender option for searching for toys.
Here is a screenshot of Amazon's site as of 5/11/15...

The filter for gender that usually appears on the left. Of course there are some people who think that this will make shopping harder for people, while others feel that this is a step is helping to eliminate gender stereotypes. This is a small step towards reminding kids that they can play with any toy they want regardless of gender. 

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