Sunday, May 17, 2015

50 Ways to Productively End Boredom

Kids this day in age have to feel constantly entertained. Stillness is often followed by the dreaded, "I'm borrrreeeddd!" I once heard parents should answer children by saying "be bored, boredom is good for you." My oldest doesn't get a kick out of that response but he does tend to stop whining. Why? Because boredom is a wonderful excuse to sit in stillness and just do or think of nothing. Hard for many, but essential for all. 

Even for adults boredom isn't always embraced, which usually leads to wasted hours mindlessly watching television, eating and/or surfing the web. When this is the case, adults need productive alternatives. Productive defined here as good for you activities, opportunities for bonding or exercise and moments that allow you to reflect-on, or declutter and organize your life. 

Try these productive alternatives the next time you're reaching for a bag of chips and that remote control:

1. Read a self-help or spiritual book
2. Take a quiet, reflective walk 
3. Cuddle with child and/or spouse discussing dreams and vision 
4. Journal 
5. Reorganize junk closets or drawers
6. Pray
7. Meditate
8. Get a head start on holiday shopping (online)
9. Call an old friend or relative 
10. Make dessert from what you have on hand (should get interesting and fun)
11. Make love
12. Draw, sketch or paint 
13. Set goals (30-60-90 or 365-day goal setting)
14. Write the script for a fictional play or movie starring your family or friends 
15. Download new cellphone apps meant to organize your life
16. Play a sport
17. Enjoy a game of chess or checkers
18. Stretch and exercise
19. Read the bible (or similar religious text)
20. Take a long, relaxing bath
21. Listen to an uplifting audiobook (e.g. The Four Agreements, The Alchemist, The Power of Now!)
22. Listen to music, then have a dance-off
23. Watch a foreign film, inspiring movie or educational documentary 
24. Do a crossword puzzle
25. Play sudoku
26. Meal prep. healthy meals 
27. Print photos you've been meaning to print, then scrapbook
28. Play hide and seek or any other games usually reserved for little kids (be a big kid in the process)
29. Write a loving song
30. Write a touching poem
31. Review your favorite businesses online 
32. Write handwritten "thank you" or "thinking of you" notes 
33. Plan a "just-because" party  
34. Cook a new dish that is healthy but still delicious (e.g. Ceviche, Lettuce Wrapped Tacos, Protein Burgers)
35. Sunbath 
36. Make a vision board 
37. Color in a coloring book
38. Polish nails 
39. Brew homemade tea and enjoy with the healthiest food you can find in your home
40. Teach your children a new skill (e.g teach toddlers words that rhyme, making one color out of two) 
41. Assemble a puzzle
42. Google world leaders that made a difference and research their best quotes 
43. Reorganize living room furniture 
44. Enjoy arts and crafts (pinterest is full of great ideas)
45. Browse positive viral videos and attempt to recreate your own
46. Make your own music video 
47. Make homemade ice pops or healthy shakes/smoothies 
48. Play 20 questions with a positive spin
49. Browse social media and write positive comments, share positive content
50. Write a blog meant to inspire others ;)

How do you combat boredom in a productive way? Share your tips below. 

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