Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Would you be okay with a Costco date night?

Date night is my favorite night of the week. My husband and I plan an outing at least once weekly and spend time out of the house. This is especially important since we're a family of five and could use periodic alone time as a couple.

Now if our usual date night was your typical dinner and a movie then we could spend close to $80 per date (babysitting fees included). Eighty might not seem like much but I'm not one who wants to spend $320 monthly on your standard four dinners and four movies. Instead, we get creative.

Here are some awesomely inexpensive date night ideas that won't break the bank:

Coffee shop chess: I say chess but any game board applies. This is a fun way to spend an evening laughing, chatting and sipping on your favorite coffeehouse brews. Find a no-name coffee shop for a more intimate effect. Yelp local coffee sellers to get a feel for what's in store at your local java spots.

Costco datenight: Sounds silly I know, but who doesn't love window shopping at Costco. Here's the thing: you can always surprise your partner with a rocking new book from Costco, grab a bouquet of flowers then make your way over to the delicious (and totally affordable) food court for dinner or lunch.

Sunset picnic: How romantic is a sunset? Find a lovely park bench, beachfront spot of any lovely viewpoint bring a blanket and delicious snacks from your local supermarket and you're all set. With portable music devices it's so easy to set a romantic mood in a secluded spot.

Bookstore binge: Grab your favorite mags, a cup of coffee and find yourself a great little spot to spend an afternoon chatting and reading at your favorite bookstore. Try travel mags and others that make dreaming together fun!

Explore outdoors: If you're by the beach or anywhere scenic outdoors find a trail to enjoy. Rent bikes beachside or opt for a hike mountainside. This is sweet and active date that won't break the bank. Even better, pick a starry and warm evening to lay together counting stars and splitting a 2 buck chuck bottle of wine (or 2 or 3 or 4).

Share your cheap date ideas too? Comment with tips.

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