Thursday, April 30, 2015

What's a Mom to Do!?!? Holey Shoes Edition

My almost nine year old gave up on wearing jeans to school because it was a struggle. He looked great. He loved wearing jeans. He's got style, but he couldn't manage to keep them in one piece. Holes around his kneecaps were such a norm and more frequent than this mom knew what to do. So we battled. It'd expect him to wear holey jeans, he'd expect me to get him new jeans every week or so. It was the standard debate until he gave up and this entire school year he's only worn shorts to school. Shorts don't lead to holey kneecaps, just dirty knees.

That debate being settled should have been the end of this issue, if it weren't for holey shoes. This is where things get interesting. My son received a great new pair of Nike shoes over the holidays. You'd think those would have lasted. They didn't. These suckers were holey in less than 5 weeks. What in the world?!? I crazy-glued holes to simply squeeze out another few weeks. I thought Nikes would have been the best buy. Wrong! 

                Cost: approx. $50 bucks:

We moved on to Payless shoes which cost around $27 dollars (Champions Brand) and these also lasted only a month or so, but appeared much less holey. In fact, I'd expect a month out of Payless shoes, but not Nikes. 

                   So what did I do a next? 

I went to Ross. I dread Ross and usually find the long lines and messy aisles a hassle. Now, I'm singing a new tune. My kiddo picked a pair of $20 Fila shoes that have now lasted beyond a month, and get this, NO HOLES.

Moral of the story, shop around. Plus, don't overspend. Like with this case, sometimes the best deals do lead to the best items. Find a brand that works and stick to it! 

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