Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Halo Effect: Apple Products

Whether you love or loath Apple products there's no doubt Apple is a success juggernaut. I can remember owning my first iPod. It was so simple, so useful and literally revolutionized music mobility. Now there's no point for an iPod since my iPhone, and eventual iPad, took the place of it and then some.

Recently, my hubby went on an Apple products binge. He got everything for us from new Apple iPhone earbuds, to an Apple TV and a new iMac desktop. I swear he's making way to sneak in an Apple watch. But could we really rationalize a $400+ price tag for a watch? I mean this is a watch that does what our iPhone already does. Why the need for a watch?

Note to self: I will likely "eat these very words" one day. 

What I once thought about the iPod will become what I once thought about my iPhone. One day owning an Apple watch will be typical of most. It's the Halo Effect at play. According to investopedia.com: "The halo effect is a term used in marketing to explain the bias shown by customers towards certain products because of a favorable experience with other products made by the same manufacturer or maker. Basically, the halo effect is driven by brand equity."

At first, we don't see products taking over our lives. It's these small changes like purchasing an inexpensive iPod that eventually turn into larger purchases. Suddenly we're $1,000 in the hole, faithful to one brand, and we have everything that brand ever created synced into one seamless way of life. For me, that's the case with Apple products and still I once swore we'd never get an iPad or an iMac. I swore we didn't need these commodities and yet here we are completely enthralled by them.

As much as I can't rationalize an Apple watch purchase today, I know enough to know that one day my entire family will likely have one around their wrists. It's this Halo Effect and the fact that we just keep indulging in the technology all around us.

Do you have items in your life that are a result of the so-called Halo Effect?

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