Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Talking Like a Sailor...in front of the kids!

There are some times that just require an F-bomb. It doesn't happen often but maybe once a year I drop a good one.

I remember the first bad word I ever heard. I was in the 4th grade and my friends and I were playing hopscotch. We were huddled around the water fountain wetting a wad of paper towels to start a new game. My friend Marybell dropped her wet paper towel on the floor and yelled "SHIT!". I looked over at my BFF Jessica with wide eyes because even though I had never heard anyone say it, I knew immediately that it was a BAD word.

I have been known to drop an F bomb in the middle of a conversation once in awhile. But I have never been totally comfortable using these kinds of words because they were not allowed in our house growing up.  After I had my kids the amount of curse words that fly out of my mouth has dropped significantly. Now that we have 2 small kids in the house we don't curse in front of them. As hilarious is might be to hear a little kid say a curse word the first time, having a 9 year old dropping F bomb is harsh.

We were recently on a vacation and a friend of a family member had no problems with cursing, loudly, constantly, in front of our kids. It was so uncomfortable for us, and my husband and I would cringe when it happened. There are even people who have such potty mouths with no filter that we avoid them when we have the kids with us.

We understand that we can't keep ugly words from hitting our kids ears, but we feel that if they have parents who don't curse (often) then they might grow-up the same way.

Do you curse in front of your kids? Do you care if other people do it? 

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