Tuesday, April 21, 2015

She-Sheds: Womens Answer to the Man-Cave

Everyone deserves a space of their own. We have all heard of man-caves. They are the equivalent to the "No-Girls Allowed" clubs little boys made. Man-caves are typically filled with big screen TV's, overstuffed recliners and maybe a deer head trophy on the walls. There is a new trend, women's answer to the man-cave and they are calling them a She-Shed. 

Women are taking the free standing sheds that you can buy from Home Depot and turning them into these beautiful spaces. 

Women are making their own spaces to do things that they enjoy. Some have made a craft room, a reading nook, a sewing room, a yoga studio or even a home office.

I love this idea! If I could have my own She-Shed I would have scented oils and a big cushy chair with a mexican inspired print. There would be Frida posters and an altar with lots of paper flowers. Of course I would have a great sound system. I would love to have a space to retreat to, to read or crochet quietly for an hour or so. And of course there would be a sign that says...


posted on the front door.

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