Monday, April 20, 2015

Quarantine Me: Surviving Flu and Cold Season

My family has been sick for what feels like over a month. First an endless bout with stomach flu took four of five of us down (I came out unscathed), then cold symptoms took over. In fact, I am home today with not one but two sick kids. This is torture, for all involved.

Every year I feel will be different and that I'll magically get my family out of flu and cold season minimally impacted. Every year, I am wrong. What's a mom to do?

According to WebMD surviving this season is totally doable. Here are the basics (if only I had researched sooner):
  • Wash your hands: So common-sensical right? And still we don't do this enough. Have a handy hand sanitizer pump (out of kids reach) so you can quickly grab and squirt. Make sure it's safe for kids.
  • Catch symptoms early: child eating or sleeping less? Do they seem overly cranky. Look out for the other tall-tale signs such as runny or stuffy noses.
  • Get your medicine cabinet ready: best way to battle the early signs is to ensure you have all necessary essentials. Stock up on flu meds, thermometers and healing meds that will bring comfort to your child (e.g. saline drops for stuffy noses). 
  • Keep Sick Kids Home: they need rest and recovery and not a trip to school or daycare where germs may be running rampant. This may be tough, but enlist a relative to take on your kiddo while you're working.
  • Don't share eating utensils: better yet use disposables to curb lingering germs. We tend to get three bottles for our three kids and with a large sharpie write their names on each to ensure they don't share. 
  • Pump kids full of liquids: feed them their favorite soups, smoothies or other drinks. Hey maybe even yummy popsicles. Whatever it takes to keep kids hydrated. 

These are just some helpful tips we know, but all too often we overlook. Then suddenly colds and flu season attacks take us completely down for longer than ideal.

Good luck moms and dads and may happy healthy days be just around the bend! 

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