Friday, April 3, 2015

Mad Money

I can remember as a kid being fascinated by this $100 bill that my Mom always had tucked away in her wallet. She called it her "Mad Money".  It wasn't, "I am pissed off and am going to spend money, money". She meant it as a little money set aside just for her to buy unnecessary items that she just wanted. Of course my Mom being the ultimate sacrificing mother never bought herself anything. I would not be surprised if that same $100 bill from my childhood is still in her wallet.

Now that I am an adult with kids and bills of my own I have my own stash of mad money. Mine is a bit more modern. Instead of a folded up bill in my wallet I have a paypal account. It is a little lump of money that I keep stashed away for things like etsy jewelry, make-up, a new Victoria's Secret bra or even to refill my Starbucks card. This works for me because, very much like my own Mom, I have a really hard time spending joint money on myself. Since this is a separate account with extra money that I earned through blogging that guilt is gone.

Do you keep a stash of "mad money"? 

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