Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hillary 2016

For years people have wondered if it would happen. People have been asking her "Will you run in 2016?". She has been coy about it but over the weekend Hillary Clinton made it official. On Twitter of course. She is running for President of the United States.

She made the announcement with this video.

Of course her announcement was immediately followed by gems like these...

and Twitter went nuts with things like...

While writing this my 9 year old daughter asked "What are you writing about now?" and I said "I'm writing about Hillary running for President." She asked me who HE was. I told her that Hillary was a women. She replied with "A girl is running for President. That's so cool." Just because Hillary is a democrat and a woman does not mean I will automatically vote for her. Over the next year or so I will follow the campaign and see if I feel that she is the candidate that best fills my wants and needs for a president. But my daughter's reaction reminded me why even just by running Hillary is doing something important. She is reminding girls everywhere that we can do and be anything we want to be. 

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