Friday, March 6, 2015

Legal Guardians

It is something that we don't want to even think about, but it's something important to discuss. What happens to your children if you and your partner die? (Told you it was something you don't want to think about). Choosing legal guardians for your children is an important step that parents should make. Many of us may assume that certain people will take of your children if something were to happen but what if they don't. Without legal guardians in place you are leaving the future of your children up to the courts. They could end up with family you would never have chosen or even in foster care. By naming legal guardians you can rest a little easier.

When it comes to picking legal guardians for your children there are many things to consider. You want people who you will love your children as if they were their own. You also want to consider religious preferences and their thoughts on education, dating and other things that are important to you. One person, not a couple, should be listed as guardian so that if there is the incident of divorce.  Of course you want to have a serious talk with your potential guardians. All parties involved need to discuss everything open and honestly. All this is for the best interest of the children involved.

Remember that even after you have named guardians, this does not mean that it is set in stone. It can be changed. Maybe the person you listed suddenly moves across the country. If your children are older moving across country after losing their parents may not be what you want for your children. Or what if the person you name unexpectedly has triplets. In our situation at this time my Mom is listed as guardian but in 10 years we may change that since my Mom will be retired and she may change her mind about raising teenagers at that age.

After the decision has been made go that extra step and make it official and make it legal. A last will and testament drawn up by a lawyer will help you feel more secure and confident that your children will be taken care of. 

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