Thursday, March 5, 2015

Get to Streaming: Must Watch Instant Vids

It's that time of year again. No, not daylight savings or spring cleaning. It's time for streaming TV show gems. With the return of House of Cards,  I've gotten excited about all the possibilities for late night TV binging.

Let's start with House of Cards. Kicking off their third season this Kevin Spacey led series is the perfect balance of suspense and make-believe. At least I hope it's all make-believe. If real politics are anything like this show then Obama is one scary dude. Without giving away to much, I'd say give this show ago. The first season can feel slow in the beginning, but this show is worth it. 

Have you seen or heard of the show Transparent available on Amazon instant video. This is a show about a father who decides to transition to being female later in life. This change impacts the lives of all he loves including his three grown children. This one while funny at times, is really a show about family and overcoming. Dialogue feels so common place; this family loves and argues like any other normal family while going through major life issues. Stream this one today.

June 2nd is around the corner and that means Orange is the New Black is almost back on Netflix. Another show in its junior season that only continues to ignite buzz. The best part of this show is the fiery and unique ensemble made up of amazing female actors (and a couple of male goofs too). This is not only a hilarious show to watch, but it gives you something bigger to think about regarding the prison system and women. This group of actors actually just won an Emmy for best TV ensemble. All in all, this is a must stream series, so get started on season 1 & 2 if you haven't already. 

What are you steaming????

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