Monday, March 30, 2015

Extracurricular Activities

As much as I envisioned myself as a soccer mom, my kids are just not athletic. Neither of my kids have showed any interest in soccer, t-ball, basketball, volleyball, or really anything like that. Since sports were the go-to extracurricular activity for young kids I kind of just kept my kids from anything outside of school. As my kids got older we made the decision to homeschool and all of a sudden I was panicked to find some kind of extracurricular acitvity for my girls. 

There are lots of reasons why extracurricular activites are important for kids. 
  • Making new friends. Since we homeschool this is very important for us. This was also important for us parents. My husband and I are not originally from the area we live in so meeting other parents is a great bonus. 
  • Teaching teamwork. Being a part of a group, a sports team or a chess team, working with a group towards common goals helps develop a sense of team work and team pride. 
  • Self-esteem boosting. When you work towards a goal and achieve it, it's great for your self-esteem. You also have a whole new cheering section in your group encouraging you. 
  • Responsibility. As part of a group kids will learn how to manage their time as well as learn that when other people are counting on you, you need to push yourself to show up. 
For my family we found the perfect fit by joining a Girl Scout troop. Over the year that my girls have been involved I have seen their confidence and over all happiness improve. 

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  1. The beginning of meetings is a good time for "getting to know you" type of activities and icebreakers, or revisiting points from a recent training course. Team building exercises makes the events and meetings more meaningful.


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