Thursday, March 26, 2015

Enjoying Nature

I live out in the California desert so we have a small window of good outdoor weather. Springtime is the perfect weather for getting outside and enjoying nature. Over the weekend we took our girls out to the Oak Glen Wildlands Conservancy for an afternoon of outdoor exploring. 

This little gem of a place is only 15 minutes from our home and the trails are very kid-friendly. It's also free (donations accepted.) There are even posts set up with kid's quizzes to help teach about the plants, trees and animals in the area.

I have only been to the conservancy in Oak Glen and I was so impressed on how amazing it was. I hope to visit more soon. There are 12 all over California.

Map of California Conservancy's

  1. Irvine and Jean Stone Sounding Seas Reserve- Humboldt County
  2. Eel River Estuary Preserve- Humboldt County
  3. Spyrock Reserve- Mendocino County
  4. Jenner Headlands Preserve- Sonoma County
  5. Wind Wolves Preserve- Kern County
  6. Mariposa Reserve- Orange County
  7. Bluff Lake Preserve- San Bernardino County
  8. Bearpaw Preserve- San Bernardino County
  9. Oak Glen Preserve- San Bernardino County
  10. Whitewater Preserve- Riverside County
  11. Mission Creek Preserve- Riverside County
  12. Pioneertown Mountains Preserve- San Bernardino County

Click here to visit the Wildlands Conservancy Website. 

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