Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Don't Miss It: McFarland USA

Have you heard of the film McFarland USA? This movie is a must watch. Fans of true stories will enjoy this one, and if you come from a mexican household or community, you'll be filled with nostalgia. I know I was moved by the family dynamic, those 1980 lowrider scenes and the moment there's a QuinceaƱera in full swing. 

However, that's not what makes this movie so amazing. McFarland USA is the true story of an unlikely team of cross-country high school athletes who beat the odds and become a winning team. The winning however isn't their greatest legacy. Their greatest legacy was pursuing opportunities cross-country running provided them and their families. These students came from a community where teen pregnancy, high dropout rates, and working as field workers while attending school was the norm. College wasn't typical for the students of McFarland, but one coach decided to go beyond "typical" and inspire positive change while loving families rallied around these boys and their success. 

was clearly moved by this story in many ways but that wasn't the highlight for me. The highlight was how my 8 year old son cried a couple of key times during this film. The emotions and triumph was so real that this drama even hit home for a youngin' who was expecting just another animated cartoon. Through this movie my child was reminded just how easy his life is and that not every child, especially minorities from low-income households, are afforded the same opportunities. More importantly, he understood that hard work makes any dream come true regardless of your circumstances.

Don't miss this movie and take your whole family to see McFarland USA.

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