Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dear Future Husband,

Now it's no secret that here at HerMamas we love a fun catchy tune. We are also about gender equality and girl power! So I am a bit torn with it comes to the new Meghan Trainor video.

Take a look and listen for yourself...

This song and video is a mix of 1950's stereotypes and girl power. The video is obviously a cute throwback to Leave It to Beaver times but its her message that is kinds confusing. A few lines.....

"Cause if you treat me right. I'll be the perfect wife. Buying groceries":  really. that's what makes a perfect wife. 

"You have a 9-5. But baby so do I. So think I'll be home baking up a pie": okay I like this, something I have probably said before. 

"Even when I'm acting crazy.." Ugh, I hate this idea that when women express their emotions they are crazy. They are not crazy, just human. 

" If you want to get that special loving tell me I'm beautiful each and every night": shallow much? Tell me how smart, creative and ambitious I am instead. 

"Open doors for me and you might get some ..... kisses": oh Meghan we know what you mean there. Let's not use sex as a reward or a weapon.

Despite the mixed message we have to admit the song is dang catchy. 

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