Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A New TV Series I am Really Excited About.

A new television series is putting together a lot of things I am a fan of. First I am a huge fan of producer Gregory Nava. His films Mi Familia, Selena and Frida are some of my favorite flicks. I also love California. I am born and bred 2nd generation Californian. I don't think there is any place I would ever want to live.

This year my homeschooled 4th grader and I have been studying all about California history and we went all the way back to like when it was just the Native here. We talked about the Spanish settlements, the missions and eventually how the Spanish lost control and California was part of Mexico. Of course we all know that Mexican rule did not last long and Mexico lost California to the U.S.

This new series from Jennifer Lopez' Nuyorican Productions simply called "California" will follow one family over 200 years living in California. We will see one family go through Spanish, Mexican and United States rule.

I have always liked the term "we didn't cross the border. The border crossed us". I think its important to remember the rich and complicated history our state has. This series sounds like it is going to be a must watch for me!

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