Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Shortcut dinner options!

know there are many moms that cook only homemade dinners. My mom was one of those. In her Mexican kitchen no shortcuts were allowed and my tastebuds gladly reaped the benefit of such a philosophy. 

However, I am not that mom. Dinner shortcuts are welcomed in my dinner rotation and pre-made dishes are a-ok in my book. With such a busy schedule, I'm one for dishes that take 10-15 mins to prepare via oven or stovetop.

The struggle is finding plentiful premade meals that actually taste great. That part takes a little bit of research. Have you narrowed down yummy options that work in a pinch?  Here are a few of my favorites:

Each of these were literally just yanked from my fridge for a blog photo op. Now I don't always go the shortcut route, but on a day like today after a full workday, religious ED class, and a school function these options help me to quickly bring together a delicious dinner for my hungry family.

Have you tried Marie Calendar's pot pie? It's flakey and oh so tasty. One of my absolute favorite ready made meals.  The version with mushrooms is hardy and delicious. Gorton's has great tasting fish sticks for kids and adults alike. Adults will love these to essemble a quick version of fish tacos while kids will enjoy them plain with a handful of dipping sauces. Finally, Newman's Own is great for a pasta night at home. This is another option the whole family will love, but you'll need two bags to feed a family of 4!

Share your dinner shortcut options, too? Busy moms appreciate the suggestions!

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