Thursday, February 26, 2015

How I stopped the dreaded "What's for dinner?"

As a Mom there was no other question that I have heard more than the dreaded...

"Mom! What's for dinner?"

I heard it all day long from every person in my family. Right in the middle of a busy day the last thing I needed was to stop and mentally go through what things I have in my fridge to make a proper dinner. It was driving me crazy. So much so that I took some action. I started writing and posting weekly menus. Now if someone utters those 3 little words I just point to the posted menu on the fridge.

My weekly menu writing has also had a few other positive side effects. 
  • Saving money! That's right taking the 15 mins. or so to make a menu has helped us save money. By making a menu I can shop for only exactly what I need. No more produce rotting in my fridge and throwing money away.
  • Healthy eating. By having meals planned out we eat out less. It is so easy to give in to the convince of fast food when you don't have a plan. 
  • Improved cooking skills. I try to add a new dish every week. Thanks to sites like Pinterest its so easy to find new recipes to try. Tonight I made roasted broccoli as a side dish! 


  1. I love this technique! I really love that you try a new meal every week. My Pin boards are full of ideas I want to try, this would force me to use some!!

    1. I had the same pinterest board! Lots of great recipes that just sat there! This week we tried roasted broccoli and cauliflower steaks this week. SO GOOD!


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