Friday, January 9, 2015

Winter Coats

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When I moved out to the desert area people warned me about the brutal summers. They kept saying that I wouldn't make it past my first triple digit heat summer. They were wrong. The summer's out here do get into the triple digits but to be honest I kinda like it. It is those winter's that are hard for this beach kid. I grew up in an area where the weather stayed between 70-85 pretty much all year long. Out in the desert the winters can get down to the low 30's and this year as already had one really cold spell. I mean it snowed here people! Snow! Do you know how cold is has to be outside for it to snow? A lot colder than 70 I can tell you that!

I realized really quickly that I do not own a good winter coat. The one I have is from 1993. So I did what anyone does, I headed to Pinterest to "window shop" for coats. So many cute coats! Everything from faux fur lined with hoods, to tribal designed panchos to soft cashmere wraps. Above are a few of my favorites. Just click on the number to go straight to the pinterest page!

After browsing coats on my browser, I realized that winter coats are expensive! Guess I will bust out my 1993 red plaid coat. That's back in style again right? 

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