Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Throw That *ish Away

Too many of us are hoarders whether we like to admit that or not. I recently moved literally next door and while that sounds easy as can be, it was hell. A hell we're still recovering from and it's actually more stressful than we remembered then suddenly we were moving again.

In moving I realized one thing. My life was too cluttered and in turn my household was out of control. Many of us don't realize just how unorganized we really are. 

Here's the test? Do you have a junk drawer? Many of us do. It's the drawer where too many useless knickknacks end up. Now let's be honest. Do you have more than one junk drawer/cabinet?

Really, is there more than one?

Here's how you know. Do you have a drawer or cabinet full of an assortment of random items "living" there with no real rhyme or reason. For instance, what once started out as drawer for pens and paper suddenly includes tissue paper for wrapping, coupons, leftover restaurant condiments, an address book, your hot glue gun and unopened mail. Okay, that's a random combo of odd things but if that sounds familiar and there's more than one spot like this.... It is time to declutter your life!

Decluttering means getting yourself organized by simplifying your life. Often we lose track of what's where when we live in cluttered space. A great way to declutter is to tackle organizing your junk one closet or drawer at a time. Set up three boxes: keep, trash, donate. Then get to it. Be honest with this process. You likely can't keep or trash everything. A good rule of thumb: if you haven't used something in a year (unless it's seasonal) than you don't keep it. Choose the donation pile unless the item is too worn or incomplete and really belongs in the trash!

Next, designate space by themes if you have enough space. For instance, we have an office supplies and arts and crafts drawer and here "live" all things considered office supplies and homework essentials (tape, pens, crayons, notepads, etc.). Themes are endless and help productivity! 

Decluttering can feel a tad overwhelming but don't avoid it. Take it slow, move in sections and complete the process at least once annually! You'll feel lighter and in control once it's all said and done. Plus, decluttered folks are the most productive on earth!  

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