Friday, January 16, 2015

Take Care of YOU, first!

I can't say I've been the most balanced parent... correction: the most balanced person these days and I once prided myself on balance. I didn't even know what was causing me to be so out-of-whack even though I knew there was suddenly plenty more landing on my plate. 

The list goes on...I was recently promoted, recently moved, I am a wife, and I have ever growing commitments with my children. My 8 year old alone has 4 weekly basketball commitments, a weekly catechism class and school work/activities to attend to. Assisting him in his everyday life feels like a pretty big package and he's 1 of 5 in our family! 

Then I saw the amazing Jada Pinkett-Smith talk about this very thing.... balance in motherhood, and more importantly, self-care!  Truth be told, I realized that my out-of-balance feeling comes from me neglecting to care about me, FIRST! I love how Jada breaks it down in the following video and I especially understand the part about projecting on to our children and partners because of our own internal struggle with overly depleting ourselves. 

And with that here's a little something for those mothers out there giving every ounce of themselves to everyone but themselves...

Are you taking care of YOU, first?!?

Let's do like Jada and start placing ourselves at the top of the list. We'll be better for it and love in the best way possible. Don't you agree?

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