Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Open doors and hearts...

Tell me you've seen the most recent anti-bullying video? Wait!  Before you click the link below I must mention a few things:

Yes, this is just another viral video. 

However, the message is worth sharing 100 times over. It's inspiring and something to share with our young children and generations to follow.

Bullying is such a real epidemic in this country. This epidemic must end. I'm happy the young man featured in the clip below decided to simply do one thing to be in-service. The result of one small gesture changed his life profoundly. Even more profound to note, the kid being bullied became an example for others to follow. 

If you've struggled with a way to communicate with your child about anti-bullying behaviors and how to counter the hate share this video ( with them and others.

How do you create a bully-free zone in your home?

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