Monday, January 19, 2015


Pop star Demi Lovato is starting her own trending hashtag. We all know "MCM" (man crush monday) and TBT (throwback thursday), but Demi is using social media to remind women that they are beautiful with NNM or No Makeup Mondays. 

The idea is simple. You post a picture of yourself, makeup free on Monday. The purpose is to celebrate natural beauty. In an age where photoshop and and makeup are a regular part of our media it's nice to see a pop star embracing realness. When my girls watch me put my makeup on in the mornings the older one asks when she will be able to wear makeup and the youngest always wants to put some on right there and then. I always respond with the same thing...

"You are so beautiful you don't need makeup".

Why can't I embrace those words for myself.

So to support #NoMakeupMonday, Irene and I are posting our pictures here on HerMamas.

We would love to help spread this hashtag because we love what it stands for. 
Share your #NoMakeupMonday on Instagram and twitter today! 

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