Monday, January 12, 2015

Meals in Minutes

My life is becoming so fast-paced I can't remember the last home cooked meal I made. This isn't sustainable and truly I enjoy cooking for my family. If you're often short for time like this mom, try these easy meals that can be whipped up in minutes.

1. Cheese, meat and cracker spread - Yes, these spreads can be a healthy and hardy dinner meal. Cut in large cubes pre-bought turkey and ham from any deli, add cubed cheddar or mozzarella and
whole grain crackers to round out your spread. Kids will feel satisfied so long as there's plenty of hardy protein on their plates. Also add delicious fruit options to balance out your meal (think melon cubes, sliced apples or grapes)! Prep. takes only about 15 mins. for this mealtime option.

2. Chicken salad - easy peasy and delicious! Grab a store bought rotisserie  chicken, shred and add diced red onion, bell pepper, light mayo, pepper and salt! This is a simple and delicious chicken salad recipe that can be combined with tostadas, chips or even better, Hawaiian bread rolls. Takes about 20 mins. to prep. and serve this yummy dish.

3. Loaded quesadillas - quesadillas are really so easy to whip up, just add cheese to a flour tortilla and you're set using a stove top grill. I like to add flavor to my quesadillas by adding yummy extras that are easily store bought i.e. cowboy caviar. This is a corn and black bean salsa from Trader Joe's that turns boring quesadillas into a delicious meal. If you can't get your hands on this "salsa" whip up your own diced fixings such as avocado, tomato and add sour cream or grilled onions to your quesadillas. This whole spread can be whipped up in less than 20 minutes!

Those are three easy dinner fixes! Share yours too! 
Hermamas want to know what you whip up for dinner with only minutes to spare!

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