Thursday, January 8, 2015

It's lonely at the top... (plus, a chance to win a Target gift card)!

I'd always heard the saying "It's lonely at the top" in reference to business but the same is true in friendships and even with family. Now the top could be anything... reaching new levels of personal success, building a business, a family, or connecting more deeply in your religious faith. The top is defined in many ways and we each have personal goals to reach this so-called top eventually. What we may not know is just how lonely it can be when we get there!

And yes it's lonely. Lonely isn't bad it just means, and maybe to your surprise, only a few made it there with you...

Few will work as hard to get to the same place. You'll look around and realize not everyone who started out on your similar path arrives and honestly that often boils down to most individuals giving up while you didn't. So others may not have reached your same level of success and sure you may want them there too, but they'll have to put in the work to meet you at the top!

Leadership is lonely by nature. Leaders reaching new heights in any endeavor are doing so while not always making the popular decision. Same goes with friendships and with family. Individuals thriving begin doing what's best for the greater good. Not being liked by the status quo is normal in that pursuit even if that status quo may have once been a best friend or a relative. For instance, I have less friends today than I did ten years ago. In fact, I have many less friends and this was and is intentional. I don't aim to be liked by all or included by many. I aim to be myself and accepted as such. No-nonsense, non-judgement, just genuine communication and connection (not perfect but real) and these traits aren't always shared leaving more room for honest-to-goodness relationships as one evolves and reaches new heights.

Making the tough calls doesn't come easy, but is needed. Again, to be lonely at the top means you've had to make the unpopular decisions. Being at the helm of those decisions though good for you if focused on the greater good can be a source of isolation from the masses. And that's okay. Never ever make the popular decision over the right one. This is particularly true in business. The best leaders understand it's not about being best friends in business it's about being the best in business. Plus, you begin to realize you're not actually lonely... you simply have a different circle around you full of quality relationships as opposed to a high quantity of acquaintances. 

How have you felt "lonely" at the top? 
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