Wednesday, December 31, 2014

TV Shows That Make Me Feel Like a Bad*%#

I watch very little television because my life doesn't have room for it. Then again, I do purge on television shows from time to time. See, I watch shows randomly and when it works for my hectic schedule. So when I finally squeeze in a show to purge on I somehow always land on some bad*** drama about drug lords and crime.  

This has got to be the oddest perk about me. I'm as straight-edged as it gets and while raising three children I'm more likely singing along to the Frozen soundtrack and finger painting than living vicariously through coppers on hit TV shows. 

Still, I just can't stay away from dramas that bring the suspense, show a side of life that is real and not just fictitious reality. To each their own, but I dislike reality TV. I am more of TV series fan looking out for great plot lines and the kind of show writing that evokes authentic suspense and a sense of rooting for the underdog even if the underdog is a bunch of oddball cops and the occasional criminal.

Now I know everyone has heard of Breaking Bad. That's a show that caught major steam so I wouldn't be the first housewife to watch. It was and is one of the best shows to watch on repeat and I mean repeat. With streaming TV it's as easy as pressing "next episode" all night long. Yes, and I really mean all night long because when I binge, I binge. 

Another great guilty pleasure that not many watched was The Wire. It's now streaming all five seasons on Amazon Instant Video. I'd heard about how great this show was and finally got around to pressing play when I read an article about how it really was the best show on television during its time. Too bad not many watched, but like me, many can watch now. This show is about Baltimore City cops working drug cases in the toughest parts of the city. It's all about wire taps and chasing crime. Picturing myself as some of these characters makes me feel like a bad*%#. I'm intrenched and barely one season in...

What are your favorite TV show guilty pleasures that might be considered out of character for you?

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