Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Teach Them Code Over Winter Break

With Winter Break right around the corner I am trying to find things that will keep my kids entertained. When it comes to my oldest daughter it is hard to pull her away from a computer screen. Instead of trying to fight the screen I have found something on-line that will keep her entertained and teach her what I think could be a useful skill.

She is going to learn code. Yes, by code I mean computer jargon to build websites and other stuff. is a great website that has a section called "One Hour of Code" where kids and people of all ages (AKA me) can spend an hour learning how to use blocks to create code. And yes there is a Frozen themed option. In 20 steps you can learn how to use code to help Anna and Elsa create a snowflake.

With bright graphics and simple instructions kids can really learn to code. How amazing is that? This website has lots of different "courses" that kids can do and each include fun themes like Angry Birds and even Flappy Bird.

I can tell you from experience that the courses are super fun and you will learn so much. I even got a certificate to add to my office wall!

Now lets hope my 9-year old masters code and develops the next million dollar app! 

How will you keep the kids (or yourself) entertained over break? 

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