Friday, December 19, 2014

Silly Work Party Ideas

Holiday time usually means company holiday party time! Depending on the energy and culture of your office some of the following might be a go or a complete no-no, so proceed with caution...

1. Pajama Party for the Holidays: This one reminds me of being a kid in school. Wear your bright PJs and robes, drink hot chocolate and possibly sit around telling ghost stories. Everyone's got great adult ghost stories. Try this out for an informal way to relax and celebrate going into VACATION mode! Plus, it feels like adults are back into sporting onesies...

2. Silly String Fight (after a white elephant gift exchange): Everyone does gift exchanges, but have you ever followed those up with a fight? Silly string is cheap (messy of course) but a load of fun! My agency just had a silly string fight with close to 70 people and it was a blast! Plus we sold the cans at a profit. That may or may not work for you, but for a youth-serving agency this was a fun, simple and crowd-pleasing way to fund & and "funraise".

3. Murder Mystery Dinner  (office luncheon style): Everyone knows this premise. Now just bring it into your office. Folks can dress the part and the mystery begins. I think of this as something set in the 50s like the movie or game "Clue!" Have fun and don't forget to incorporate the dressing up part!

4. Comic Book, Graphic or Erotic Novel Exchange: This is a hilarious twist on the classic gift exchange! Imagine the books people will pick? Now it isn't always PG-13 so exercise caution if your workplace is more censored!

Do you have a fun idea for a holiday party? 
 Comment and elaborate below!

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