Thursday, December 11, 2014

Setting The Holiday Mood

If you haven't jump started your holiday season by setting the mood at home, here are some quick and easy ways to get to it...

Streaming twinkle lights in your bedroom. Kids especially dig this one! My kid claims she's afraid of the dark though I think this is a tactic to sleep with mom and dad. Twinkle lights not only remove her excuse but get us all feeling festive! Plus, her room matches our tree and roof! Lights are pretty much... EVERYWHERE!!!!

Scented Candles. Pick the holiday scents, of course. Pine tree is my favorite. There's also fun scents like peppermint and holiday cookies/pie!

Serve traditional holiday meals EARLY. Why wait until Christmas dinner? Add the usual fixings to dinners leading up to the big day. Add stuffing or cranberry sauce to your usual meats and suddenly you're feeling in the holiday mood!

Holiday Art and Crafts (check out the before and after below). My sister did this with my kiddos and you better believe my tribe is in the holiday mood now. This was one of four holiday-inspired craft creations. Our Xmas tree is now full of homemade crafts! It's super sweet.

Give Early Xmas Presents. This is especially sweet as a way to show your children they've been extra nice! After all, Santa only comes early for the "non-naughty" ones! At least, that's one way to spin it. My early gift was a new iPhone! I must have been great wifey this last year ;)

How do you set the holiday mood in your home?

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